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Natasha Todd, RN

Meet Ms. Natasha Todd RN, an accomplished RN and graduate of Marquette University (BSN, 2015), dedicated to making a positive impact in healthcare. Embracing the night shift, Natasha thrives as a night owl, and in her free time, she finds joy in gardening, reading, traveling, cooking, discovering new restaurants, and indulging in compelling documentaries and shows.


With over four years of experience on a Trauma and Acute Care Surgery floor at a level 1 trauma center, Natasha faced the challenges of caring for patients with complex injuries, drains, and wounds. Transitioning in 2019 to a role as a charge nurse in a Medical ICU, she became an integral part of the code team, responding to code blues in the hospital. Her commitment to teaching shines through, and she looks forward to sharing core skills with CBRF trained individuals at LGB Staffing. Natasha Todd, a healthcare professional with a passion for excellence and continuous learning.

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