CBRF Certification

CBRF Certification

Welcome to the CBRF Training Program, Your First Step into the Healthcare Field!
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At Life Got Better, we offer comprehensive C.B.R.F. training to cover all required cores. This one-week training includes:


First Aid Certification: Gain essential skills in emergency care, covering situations such as choking, bleeding, diabetic
emergencies, strokes, heart attacks, muscle and bone injuries, and more.


Fire Safety: Learn about different codes and fire procedures, along with the correct usage of various extinguishers.


Medication Administration: Understand various medications, laws, and procedures. This class involves practical
exercises, including a medication pass simulation.


Standard Precautions: Learn and apply infection control techniques, including handwashing and gloving. Understand
aspects of bloodborne pathogens and other diseases.


ISP (Individual Service Plan): Focus on understanding and implementing the client’s individual service plan. Explore rules
and learn to meet the client’s needs and create effective care plans.


Continuing Education: Continuous education and training of Four major courses in the CBRF that play a crucial
role in maintaining a vigilant and compassionate care environment.


Note: These Courses are required for all individuals who work in community based residential facilities. The training
equips participants with the right experience to perform their jobs properly and better care for their residents. CBRF
Certification allows Candidates to be employed in a residential living facility (Group Home) or an Assisted Living Facility.


Contingent upon Course completion, with passing of test, you’ll be uploaded to the University of Wisconsin Registry


Life Got Better Staffing Services does not guarantee students will pass the exams but guarantees that students will
receive all necessary tools to be successful.


Unleash Your Opportunities with C.B.R.F. Certification!


Finish our program and step into a world of job possibilities! From Group Homes to Assisted Living Facilities, your
C.B.R.F. certification is your key to thriving in the care industry. Plus, many Nursing Homes are now seeking both C.N.A.
and C.B.R.F. certified individuals to meet the rising community demands and adapt to flexible staffing needs. Elevate
your career – get certified and open doors to endless opportunities!

Five Day, C.B.R.F. Full Time Instructional, In Person Program.


Medication Administration – 16 Hour Course


Standard Precaution – 2 Hour Course


First Aid and Choking – 3 Hour Course


Fire Safety – 4 Hour Course

Five Day, C.B.R.F. Full Time Instructional, In Person Program.


Review 4 Core of C.B.R.F. Program


Plus, a review of Resident Rights


Abuse & Neglect


Individual Courses:

  • Medication Administration – $199.00
  • Standard Precaution – $99.00
  • First Aid and Choking – $120.00
  • Fire Safety – $120.00

Continuing Education: $130.00

Group Engagement:

It is important for students to engage in classroom activities and/or discussions in order for the instructor to see if they are retaining course material. Employability points are earned for being in presentable attire, attendance for the full class period, participation in learning activities and professional attitude/strong ethic will be included in the total cumulative student grade.

Students are required to achieve/maintain a 90% or better on all CBRF tests. Students scoring 90% on any test are
considered to have failed and may petition the instructor to retake the test. Only ONE RETAKE will be allowed per

Test, Notes and Group Demonstration will be graded per grading scale. See below.

Retakes will be administered when student and instructors come up with a rescheduled time. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a time with the instructor if they need to take an exam or die to a failing grade or make up an exam due to an absence. For prolonged illness or other special circumstances, arrangements may be made for more time to prepare for the test.

Inappropriate student behavior will not be tolerated and can result in dismissal from the program. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to , verbal threatening, or intentional intimidation. If the instructor deems inappropriate behavior is being exhibited, the instructor will dismiss the student from the classroom, and/ or may call security or 911.

Healthcare professionals are held to a high standard of conduct. To prepare students to enter the workforce many of these standards will be discussed during in class instruction. To be good listeners, to be gentle and polite when giving care, to speak respectfully, to think of others than themselves, to maintain ethical integrity in completing tests and activities and be professional in all manners.

Incidents of inappropriate behavior will result in the initiation of an investigation of the alleged individual and will require a meeting with the Program Coordinator and Management.

Community – Based Residential Care (CBRF)

Continuing Education        


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