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Continuing Education Course

Welcome to Life Got Better Staffing’s Exclusive Continuing Education Course! 🌟

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your CBRF expertise with our specially crafted Refresher Course. Packed with insights and tailored content, this course offers an immersive review of key classes essential for delivering exceptional care.

Course Content:
  • Medication Administration: Master the art of safe and accurate medication practices to ensure optimal resident health.
  • Standard Precaution: Dive into the latest infection control measures, creating a secure environment for residents and caregivers alike.
  • First Aid and Choking: Hone your emergency response skills, covering first aid procedures and effective management of choking incidents.
  • Fire Safety Plus Resident Rights: Safeguard residents by delving into fire safety protocols and promoting a dignified living environment through an exploration of resident rights.
  • Abuse and Neglect: Equip yourself to recognize, report, and prevent abuse and neglect, reinforcing your commitment to resident well-being.
Continuing Education: $130
Total: 6 Hours
Every Wednesday and Thursday – 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Community – Based Residential Care (CBRF)

Continuing Education        


Invest in your professional growth and the quality of care you provide. Our Continuing Education Course is a unique opportunity to refresh your skills and stay at the forefront of CBRF excellence.

Join us at Life Got Better Staffing, where we believe in empowering caregivers through innovative education. Enroll today and embrace the journey toward a more proficient and confident you! 🚀

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