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Monique Jas Tarectecan

Monique Jas is renowned as a visionary workplace success architect known for crafting bespoke HR strategies that ignite creativity, foster inclusive environments, and propel organizational growth. With a proven history of reshaping HR paradigms, from revolutionizing talent acquisition to spearheading initiatives that elevate employee engagement, Monique Jas holds a pivotal position at Life Got Better Staffing Services, where she actively cultivates an environment that nurtures diversity and fuels collaborative innovation.


Within this atmosphere, Monique cultivates a space where every individual’s unique abilities are treasured and leveraged to advance collective success. Beyond her role in HR, she resonates as an avid traveler, often exploring remote destinations to capture mesmerizing sunsets or discover hidden gems across the globe. Her zeal for cultivating diverse and inclusive workplaces matches her enthusiasm for immersing herself in new cultures and breathtaking landscapes.


In Monique’s perspective, embracing diverse viewpoints not only enriches progress toward a more vibrant and dynamic workplace but also mirrors the experience of uncovering fresh perspectives in uncharted territories.

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