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Mikeela Jones

Ms. Mikeela Jones is a native of Milwaukee and has committed her life and experiences to making a difference within her community. She is a motivated customer relations specialist with over 6 years of experience. By the age of 19 she had trained over 5,000 stakeholders and aided in various conferences and panels across the country. She was awarded the Tony Maggiore Excellence Award in recognition of her personal accomplishments and significant contributions to society by the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission. She began her campaign at Life Got Better in March of 2023 and became the CBRF instructor. 


She has a deep devotion to creating positive results by implementing and training individuals through learned techniques to solely further the company, while contributing to enhancing the lives of the people we serve.  Her outside hobbies are cooking cultural dishes, reading and collecting a variety of texts and supporting her siblings whom she adores. 

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